The wearing of School uniform is important to us at Lumbertubs.

Parents/Carers find this is an economical way of dressing their child for school. It gives children the feeling of belonging to a school and helps them to take pride in their appearance.

The uniform colours are red, white and black. Sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, fleeces embroidered with the school name are available via the Price & Buckland website: . Other items are available at any large chain store.

All pupils

  • School Sweatshirts (24” – 36”) £10
  • School Fleece £12
  • School Cardigans (22” – 36”) £10
  • School Book Bag £4 available from school


Red sweatshirt, White Polo shirt, Black trousers or shorts


Red sweatshirt or cardigan, White Polo shirt, Black pinafore dress, trousers or skirt


Girls may wear red and white gingham dresses with a red cardigan or sweatshirt.

Sensible black shoes or black trainers must be worn.

We also ask you to provide the following for PE:

  1. A bag with your child’s name on for P.E. clothes and indoor shoes.
  2. A plain white T-shirt or logo top via the website.
  3. Black shorts (not fashion shorts).
  4. One pair of plimsolls.

Please label all items of clothing with your child’s name. If clothing does become lost it is so much easier to locate if it is named.

Updated date: 05 Feb 2019