This year, the ‘Lumbertubs Youth Theatre’ has been launched.

It is a weekly club dedicated to supporting budding actors and actresses. Good communication skills are an essential life skill, this club teaches pupils not only how to speak clearly, loudly and with confidence, but many other communication skills as well.

The Youth Theatre have worked extremely hard for many weeks to perfect their upcoming performance of ‘The Merry men of Sherwood’, a fun-filled, laugh-a-minute, all singing – all dancing extravaganza of talent, tights and outrageous outlaws. The whole school community has been involved, site supervisors, cleaners, teaching assistants, office staff and teachers all helping to make props and costumes. Our first performance was Tuesday 12th July at 2pm and there is a second performance on Thursday 14th July at 5.30 pm.

Tuesdays performance was outstanding and brought the house down! Tickets are free, but a £1 donation is available for those who would like to help support the Youth Theatre’s future

Updated date: 05 Feb 2019