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School Games Competitions


We have successfully entered a variety of competitions through the School Games events. Below are the dates and competitions we have entered:



Autumn 1


Autumn 2

Fun Run – Wednesday 13th November – Years 4, 5 and 6

Spring 1

   Key Steps Gymnastics – Friday 10th January – Years 5 and 6

Key Steps Gymnastics – Friday 7th February – Years 3 and 4

Spring 2

Multiskill Festival 2 (Target) – Tuesday 10th March – KS1

Summer 1


Summer 2

Multisports Festival (project ability) – Tuesday 7th July – KS2


As we work towards the School Games Gold Award, there will be many opportunities for all children to engage in activities before school, at school and after school. Keep checking the school website for more news.