The Headteacher will be pleased to show prospective parents around the school. Please make an appointment by phoning the school or calling in.

Nursery (FS1)

An admission form needs to be completed if you wish your child to attend the Nursery. You can register your child, from the Autumn Term onward, of the school year in which the child's third birthday falls. This form is available from the school office or direct from the Nursery Unit. When registered your child's name will be placed on the waiting list.

Allocation of places is determined by the following agreed admissions criteria:

  • Time registration was made
  • Children who live in the local area
  • Children with a special need as identified by an official agency
  • Whether the child has already had a nursery place (transfer from one nursery to another due to a change of address)

Places will be allocated during the Spring Term, prior to entry in the Autumn Term, and parents/carers will be notified of the offer of a place by letter.

Reception Class (FS2)

Parents of children who will be entering school for the first time (reception age children) need to complete an admission form stating their choices of school and are requested to send this to the Local Authority who allocates places for schools. This form is available online at and has to be completed at the latest by the middle of January in the year that the child is due to start school.

The school has a planned admission limit of thirty children based on the physical space and teaching resources available. Children are allocated a school by the Local Authority admissions team.

Appeals can be made to the Local Authority, but admission depends on the number of places available.

On admission you will be asked to complete a form with details that will be kept on the school's computer. The information is confidential, being used for education purposes only, and will not be disclosed to anyone else. A regular check will be carried out to ensure this information is correct. Should there be any changes please notify us as soon as possible.

Children will eventually transfer to secondary school at the age of 11+ and you will be able to apply for a place at any of the town's secondary schools. Prospectuses are usually available from the schools at the beginning of the Spring Term.

Updated date: 05 Feb 2019