TERM 1 Closed - Training Day                       Tuesday 4th September 2018
School Re-opens Wednesday 5th September 2018
School Closes Friday 19th October 2018
TERM 2 Closed - Training Day                       Monday 29th October 2018                    
School Re-opens Tuesday 30th October 2018             
School Closes Tuesday18th December 2018
Closed - Training Day                         Wednesday 19th December 2018
TERM 3 School Re-opens Thursday 3rd January 2019
School Closes Friday 15th February 2019
TERM 4 School Re-opens Monday 25th February 2019
School Closes Friday 5th April 2019
TERM 5 School Re-opens                                 Tuesday 23rd April 2019
School Closed (Bank Holiday) Monday 6th May 2019
School Closes Friday 24th May 2019
TERM 6 Closed - Training Day                        Monday 3rd June 2019
School Re-opens Tuesday 4th June 2019
School Closes                                      Thursday 23rd July2019
Closed -Training Day                         Friday 24th July 2019

Government guidelines prevent Headteachers from granting any leave of absence during term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances. A family holiday during term time does not fall into the category of “exceptional circumstances”.


Updated date: 05 Feb 2019