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EYFS Vision

Our holistic approach to the Early Years Curriculum emphasises the importance of the physical, emotional and wellbeing of children. This is underpinned by our three-key drivers – life skills, opportunities and aspirations. We approach this by exploring and extending children’s interests and giving them the opportunity to discover through our continuous provision. Our curriculum is ambitious and has been carefully sequenced to help the children to learn over time whilst always encouraging effective communication and language skills. The children’s learning is often driven by their interests and so our environment and activities are adjustable in order to meet their needs.


Life skills: Allowing children to explore social scenarios, developing the basic skills that we believe our children will use throughout life, encouraging clear communication and independence.

Opportunities: Broadening the children’s life experiences through hands on investigations, child and adult led activities developing the language skills that they will need throughout their lives.

Aspirations: Introducing the children to different occupations, ways of life, music and art. Hearing and accessing a wide range of stories and nursery rhymes enabling the children to develop a rich vocabulary and open up opportunities for learning.

Curriculum impact

The impact of our Early Years curriculum is measured through:

. Positive adult interactions.

. Observations.

. Behaviour logs.

. Planning and evaluation.

. Work scrutiny.

. Learning walks.

. Progress and attainment data.

. Photographs and work samples.

EYFS Curriculum Cogs

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