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Year 3

Welcome to Rowan Class!




Hello everyone!

My  name is Miss Care and I am the class teacher in Year 3, and the teaching assistant is Mrs Kentish. 


 PE days are: Tuesday (Outdoor) and  Wednesday (Indoor)

On those days, please can children come in PE kit and trainers, with a school jumper.


We have no snack provided in Year 3.

If your child likes a snack at breaktime, please send a suitable healthy snack such as fruit, vegetables, cheese, or cereal bar. Please no crisps, pastries, chocolate or sweets.



Every week your child will have:

Spellings and a specific times table to learn  (tests are on Friday mornings)

One piece of maths or English work on a Friday to complete by the following week.


The most important thing you can do at home to help your child progress in ALL subjects is encouraging them to read.

Your child should aim to read 5 times a week at home. Please sign and date their reading record. Children reading 5 times a week get a WOW point and a raffle ticket for a chance to win a brand new book



It is so important for your child to attend school every day unless they are ill. Missing a day will mean missing important steps in their learning and can leave them feeling behind.

Lumbertubs Curriculum


At Lumbertubs we believe our curriculum will never be finalised as we are always keeping up to date with our local community and relevant changes needed. However our unique 3D Curriculum is what we base our learning around which is well sequenced in every subject whilst always Aiming for the Top.


We have named our curriculum the '3D curriculum' as we have a 3 dimensional approach with vertical, horizonal and diagonal links around all areas of learning.


Our Cogs enable the children to constantly build upon previous learning whilst adding new knowledge and skills along the way. By constantly revisiting our cogs year after year, the children will know more and remember more and will become ready for their next stage of their education. 

Term 1 learning overview

Knowledge organisers term 1

Term 2 learning overview

Knowledge organisers term 2

Term 3 learning overview

Knowledge organisers term 3

Term 4 learning overview

Knowledge organisers term 4

Term 5 learning overview

Term 5 knowledge organisers

Term 6 learning overview

term 6 knowledge organisers