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Year 3

Hello Year 3! Missing you all lots and lots. Hope you all had a great weekend. Here are some activities to keep you busy and your minds active! Remember to send me emails and pictures of your work. I am always excited to hear what you are up to.

27.03.2020 Home Learning


26.03.20 Home Learning

I hope you're not just sitting glued to screens. Try to go and get some fresh air-even if it's in your garden! I have seen lots of work completed on Purple Mash. You are all doing so well...keep it up!yes

25.03.20 Home learning

I hope you enjoyed todays learning! Remember to send me lots of pictures and emails. I have responded to completed 2 dos on Purple Mash with a voice message.

Tomorrows home learning has all been set on one page....I hope you all had a good day today. Tomorrow I will record the next part of 'Granny' by Anthony Horrowitz.



Dear Parents and Children,

with our school being closed at the moment our class page is where you will be able to access some daily activities for you to work on at home. In your packs you were provided with an exercise book along with some worksheets. When looking at PDF files please copy the questions into the exercise book provided and answer the questions. I will also set 2 do tasks on Purple mash-where I am able to leave you feedback and messages about the work that you have completed. How exciting is that? I am also looking for a way in which I can continue to read 'Granny' by Anthony Horowitz to you daily as I know you are as enthralled by it as I am! Here are some things that you can do daily that will keep you busy and ready for when we return!

  • Read for at least 15 minutes a day.
  • Practise your times tables…… so you know them off by heart.
  • Practise your kinetic letters and snuggling letters together.
  • Learn a short poem-to perform orally to a member of your family.
  • Do some exercise.

I have set up a temporary email address which the children can email me on whenever they like. I thought the children might like to tell me about what they have been up to-a picture they have drawn, a piece of work that they have completed or maybe they just want to tell me about their day or tell me a silly joke! I don't mind and I would love to hear from them!!!

The email address is . This email is purely set up for the children's use and any questions that you have regarding school issues still need to be directed to the school office.

I look forward to getting your emails!

Mrs Dalton smiley

Welcome to Year 3's page!

Spelling tests are every Friday morning. PE days are every Monday and Tuesday- children must be dressed in their PE kits and wearing appropriate footwear. Your child needs to read every day and please encourage them to read to you at any given opportunity!

We will be learning to tell the time throughout the year and so please ask your children frequently what time it is or how long an activity has taken to complete.

Children are asked to bring healthy snacks for break and we request that they are not given sweets or chocolate.

If your child needs to wear glasses please ensure that they have them every day. Please feel free to come and speak to me if you wish to discuss anything I am always happy to arrange a meeting if required. 

I look forward to posting lots of pictures and keeping you informed of what we are learning.

Thank you.


Isabelle Dalton