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Some ideas to help your child with their maths at home.

Count everything!

One of the first number skills your child will learn is counting. Practising counting will help them will all sorts of number problems that they will encounter as they get older.

Try to get into the habit of counting when you are out and about. For example:

How many buses have we seen?

How many bugs are in the garden?

How many lamp posts are on the street?

How many squirrels have we seen?

Spot patterns

Look for repeating patterns on curtains, wallpaper, or clothing. Ask your child:

Can you see a pattern? Tell me about it. What will come next?

Start patterns with blocks, beads, playing cards, and toys. Encourage your child to build on the pattern to make it longer. You could also look for patterns in time together (for example, seasons, months, or daily routines) and talk about what you notice, or listen for patterns in songs and clap the rhythm.


Practise forming numerals

Help your child to learn the numerals by exploring their shapes. You could have fun forming numbers in sand with a stick, or making numbers out of modelling clay. Write numbers for your child to copy, and hold your hand over their hand to help direct them.

Try holding their finger and forming the number in the air. Once they can trace out the shape of numerals, see if they can write numbers on their own.

A great way for your child to spend 20 mins whilst on their tablet or computer. Learning to read and blend sounds with the Alphablocks.

Learn to Read | One Syllable Words | Red Level

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Alphablocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: Learn to read with the Alphablocks! Learning one syllable words w...

Parent video for learning how to say the sounds correctly

Parent video: How to say the sounds


Please can all parents ensure they they have Tapestry downloaded as an app. I would love to share with you your childs achievements in class. You can also share with me anything that you have experienced at home  as a family if you wish (trips out, special occasions, photos, walks). Every Friday I will post a new story video and I will use this app to send important messages.


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We are so happy to welcome the new Reception class -Poplar into school. We have had a fantastic start to the term getting to know the children and have got to know each other quite well. We are looking forward to  working closely with you and your children and hope that you are too. If you have any queries or need to meet with me at any time please contact the school office and a suitable time can be arranged. Letters will be sent on Parentmail so please ensure that you have downloaded the app so that you can see all relevant correspondence. 


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This terms theme is Marvellous ME!!

Please share this and discuss the vocabulary with your child.