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Each area of the four branches of geography: location and place knowledge, physical geography, human geography and the knowledge of geographical skills and fieldwork are covered and revisited throughout the children’s learning journey at Lumbertubs. Our aim is to:

  • enable children to gain knowledge and understanding of places in the world;
  • encourage children’s interest in their environments and develop a knowledge and understanding of the physical and human processes which shape our world
  • increase children’s knowledge, understanding and respect of other cultures
  • allow children to learn graphic skills including how to use, draw and interpret maps;
  • enable children to know and understand environmental problems and world events at a local, regional and global level;
  • develop a variety of other skills including those of enquiry, problem solving, ICT, investigation and how to present their conclusions in the most appropriate way.

Our geography themes are mainly delivered through our creative connected curriculum; planned cross-curriculum opportunities are used where possible. There are many cross curricular links to ensure pupils are able to see the subject in context of themselves and the lives of the community around them and wider world, developing their ideas of global citizenship. Use of our bespoke progression document ensures progression and continuity of skills and knowledge throughout the school.  The teachers plan with an awareness of skills and concepts taught and ready to build on.


Differentiation through outcome and by the amount of adult support (to individuals or groups of children) is used in many of the activities and assessed using the bronze, silver, gold assessment criteria for that lesson.  Other times differentiated activities are provided to ensure an appropriate coverage of the topic.

Our Lumbertubs Curriculum is currently being redesigned with our new fantastic Kapow scheme for Geography.


Please keep a look out for our new documents which we are working really hard on behind the scenes!

National Curriculum links to our new Kapow scheme