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Staffing 2018- 2019                                                                                             

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Mrs Ceri Cook

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs Sue Waller


Leadership Team

Mr Scott Bradley

Miss Jennie Care


Class Teachers

Nursery - Miss Sarah Forster (part time)

Reception - Mrs Shirley Amos

Year 1 - Miss Harriet Mills

Year 2 - Miss Jennie Care

Year 3 - Mrs Isabelle Dalton

Year 4 - Mr Scott Bradley

Year 5 - Mrs Lydia Bloomer (part time)

Year 5 - Mrs Carla Massey (part time)

Year 6 - Mrs Nessa Hussain


Teaching Support

Mrs Simonne Harris (part time)


Support Staff

Nursery – Mrs Amanda Creed - Early Years Practitioner

                 Mrs Murcella Murray - Early Years Practitioner

                 Mrs Klodjana Qato - Nursery Assistant


Reception - Mrs Nicky Harkness - Teaching Assistant

                    Mrs Sarah Craig - Teaching Assistant (part time)


Year 1 - Mrs Debbie Kentish - Teaching Assistant

               Mrs Katherine Foster - Teaching Assistant


Year 2 – Mrs Rebecca McGuffick - Teaching Assistant

               Mrs Michelle Wootton - Teaching Assistant


Year 3 – Mrs Elizabeth Jones - Teaching Assistant


Year 4 – Mrs Julie O’Reilly - Teaching Assistant

               Ms Sarah Clack - Teaching Assistant


Year 5 – Mrs Suzee Jones - Teaching Assistant


Year 6 – Ms Emma Wootton - Teaching Assistant


Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Mrs Carlie Hunt


Senior Inclusion Support Manager - Ms Helena Georgiou


Speech and Language Assistant - Mrs Sherry Webb


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Jackie Garratt

Mrs Lynne Holder

Mrs Pat Scarley


Admin Support       

Mrs Brigitte Allen - School Administrator

Mrs Alison Greenhill – School Business Manager

Miss Emma Young - Finance Officer

Miss Amy Humphrey – School Administrator