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Year 6

Don't forget to look under the heading of 'Websites for all ages' to find more exciting activities to do.

Welcome to Year 6!


We hope everyone has a had a safe and enjoyable half term.

This term, children who are not returning to school should access the following websites for daily lessons. 


This week's work coming up!

Writing task wb 18.5.2020

Tuesday 19th May 2020

This fractions booklet has different levels so try and challenge yourself.

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Hello Yr6; are you ready for a new week?

Writing task wb 11.5.2020

Class blog

It would be lovely to hear how you are doing. Maybe you could share some of your work or books that you have read or any fun news. Have you been learning anything new? I have been learning how to barbecue. Don't laugh but on my first attempt I set the chicken on fire - literally chargrilled chicken. I think I'll let my boys do it from now on. Can't wait to hear form you.

Welcome to a new month

Shoutout to Ariel, Modinat and Asma for getting on the class blog - it was great to hear from you.

Writing task wb 4.5.2020

I will post the answers later in the week. Use the sheets like bronze, silver and gold and try to challenge yourself.
Answers are on the last pages - try not to look until you have finished.
Answers coming up later.

Class blog

It would be great to see some of the finished work posted on the class blog or you could share some other exciting news. I look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to a new week.

Shoutouts and congratulations for quizzes or work will be shared on the class blog. Any questions you might have can also be put on there. I hope Miss Harbottle's answer helped you Ariel.

Writing Task wb 27.4.2020

Friday 1st May 2020

Writing task

It would be great to see some of your writing shared on the class blog. Remember you are writing at a yr6 standard so I should be seeing correct use of punctuation and capital letters. Get an adult or an older brother or sister to go through it with you. 

Please remember no last names on the blog 

Welcome back year 6!

We hope you have had a safe and enjoyable Easter Break.


Mrs Hussain, Miss Wootton and Miss Harbottle



Accelerated Reader

Well done to Juanita and Beatrice for completing and passing a quiz during the holidays.


Just to remind you all that you can't google Accelerated Reader to access our quizzes. You must go to this exact website that I have linked here:


Writing Task week beginning 20.4.2020

Easter Holidays

Africa is the topic for next term. The Knowledge Organiser is here to help guide the research with vocabulary and objectives. There is a map work activity with answers (no cheating please). The Africa Power Point will introduce the research project that you are to do over the holidays. Please be creative and informative.

Knowledge Organiser term 5

Africa information Power Point

Accelerated Reader

Week beginning 30.3.2020

Well done Lesedi for completing and passing a reading quiz this week.

Let's hope to see more names after the Easter Holidays.

Accelerated Reader

Well done to Nicola (3 quizzes), Ian (2 quizzes) and Juanita (1 quiz) for taking and passing quizzes. 

Let's see if we can congratulate more children this week.

The homework to be completed (week beginning 30/03/20) in the CPG books is:

•Reading set B test 3

•Spag set B test 5

•Maths set B test 4

Week beginning 30th March 2020

Writing task for this week

Click on the link to watch the video and then open the activity pack for a range of tasks.

The activities include:

* Maths

* DT

* Creative writing,

These activities should keep you busy this week and over the Easter Holidays.

In the activity pack, there are notes for parents to help build a discussion with the children around the clip.


The Catch

Still image for this video
Please watch the video to help you complete the tasks in the Activity sheet.

The homework to be completed (week beginning 23/03/20) in the CPG books is:

Reading set B test 2
Spag set B test 4
Maths set B test 3

Week commencing 23rd March - Writing activity


Watch the following video clip:


You could:

Draw a story board relating to this video

Write a descriptive passage about a part of this story

Write a story based on this video thinking about building up the tension when the lighthouse is in danger.


Have fun writing this. 


20th March 2020

Now the school is closed, in addition to the work pack that has been sent home, you can select activities to complete from the selection below.

There are Maths, English and SPaG activities as well as some Topic.

These can be printed or completed in the workbooks that will be sent home.

Don't forget to carry on reading at home too! We will be sending out extra reading books and remember to record the books you read from home as well.

Times Table Rockstars -

Mathletics -

Purple Mash -

Accelerated Reader -

Prodigy -

Pie corbett 5 a-day maths -

Children will have their passwords for the above online learning in the packs which have been sent home.

Spelling frame activities have a range of online tasks for free!

Knowledge Organiser term 1

Knowledge organiser - Wonderful Worlds - Term 2

Knowledge Organiser - World War Two - Term 3

Knowledge organiser - The Titanic - Term 4