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At Lumbertubs Primary School we strive to make maths accessible and enjoyable for all. We aim to develop confident and able mathematicians who support and encourage each other. We use a planning structure that enables consolidation of skills as well as promoting new learning opportunities. Based on Sarah White’s schemes of work, combined with the 5 big mastery ideas, Maths teaching at Lumbertubs is based on the foundations of CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract). This is all underpinned by the idea of visualisation. Being able to visualise number is a fundamental skill we promote within Maths teaching as it enables children to access all areas of the Maths curriculum. Previous learning is built upon and consolidated as the children progress through the school. Our lesson structure and daily maths skills sessions, allow opportunities for collaborative learning, individual practice and progression. In Year 6, we follow aspects of the Maths No Problem scheme to embed and consolidate previous learning.

We challenge children to always aim for the top where ever they are on their maths journey. We deliver maths lessons that allow opportunities for problem solving and application of skill in real world contexts. Staff use and model high level vocabulary and always have high expectations of children within their lessons. Our goal is for children to leave Lumbertubs as self-assured, enthusiastic mathematicians that believe they are capable to apply their skills to any field they aspire to.

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