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Religious Education


Our aim is to explore, engage and reflect in all our RE lessons. Each child learns how to explore: Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Jewish, Buddhism, Humanism, as well as Christianity in full. Making the RE lessons exciting, cross- curriculum, colourful, hands on and interesting for all will ensure every child is engaged, while having opportunities to Reflect on themselves, other religions, non-religions and with the wider community.

Our links with the wider community, religious visitors and trips to holy buildings are excellent which enriches their knowledge even further within each religion.

We, as a whole school, get involved with charity work and have launched the “Lumbertubs Charity Project” linked with “Children’s United Charity” fundraising for a nursery school in India by collecting stamps, collecting 1p’s, 2p’s coins and other fun ideas.

The children are very much encouraged to bring in their own religious Holy Artefacts to show their class and be entered into the “at home artefact book” for the whole school to enjoy.

As a whole school, we have an array of RE assemblies throughout the year too, either with religious visitors or children showing what they have learnt within RE lessons. Whole RE school displays are done once a year where all children participate in planning, designing, making and displaying their own religious model.

Accordance with the Northampton RE scheme of work 2018-2023 all children are assessed using the AT1 and AT2 targets. We are very pleased to have achieved the Bronze RE Quality Mark Award.

Religious Education Progression document