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Welcome to the Nursery page. Please keep checking for upcoming events, topic information, rhymes of the week and lots of pictures of all the activities we have been doing.

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Term 5

Knowledge Organiser.

The story we are going to be looking at this term is The Three Little Pigs. Below there are several activities for you to complete at home, do you think you can draw the story using "Once Upon a Time, Suddenly" and "The End." You can then upload your stories to Tapestry for us all to see.


Maths Activities 

Term 5

Positional language 

Can you use one of your teddies to demonstrate sitting in different positions?

Can you upload the pictures to Tapestry so that i can see?

 My teddy is sitting on the table.    My teddy is sitting behind the kettle.


 My teddy is sitting next to the plant.    My teddy is sitting under the table. 


 My teddy is sitting in the box. 

Size and Ordering

Can you find a selection of bottles, cans and jars in your house like i have?


Can you now find the tallest and the shortest? 

Can you order them all from tallest to shortest? Are mine all in the right order?

Please don't forget to upload your pictures to Tapestry smiley

Letters and Sounds Activities 

Term 5

Can you find objects around your home that start with the sounds S,A,T,P,I,N?

I have had a look around my house and have found these objects.

Can you think of words which rhyme with every day objects? I have looked around my house and found these objects and wrote down the words they rhyme with.


I wonder if you can use your body as an instrument? This is called body percussion, you can play your instrument to a song that you like or have a go at the video below.

Ollie from 'Beat Goes On' teaching Body Percussion on CBeebies' 'Let's Go Club!'

A big thank you to all parents who have been using Tapestry, we have really enjoyed watching all your videos and looking at all the picture. Please continue to use it and post videos and pictures of the activities above.

Home Learning Packs are now ready to collect in preparation for the school closure. Copies are also available below for you to print at home if needed.

You can also select from the additional activities that will be added below to complete at home along with links to pre-school yoga and Zumba which the children all enjoy doing at Nursery.

Do not forget to use your scrap books to draw pictures from all the books your sharing at home. Please use Tapestry to show us all the learning and exciting activities you have been doing as it will be regularly checked.

The Enormous Turnip
Number, Shape, Space and Measure.
Links to online resources.

Zumba Kids (easy dance) - I like to move it

Yoga Time! | On the Farm - Kids Yoga and Nursery Rhymes


NUMBERJACKS | The Trouble With Nothing | S1E1

Alphablocks : Episode 01 - Series 1

Autumn Term 2

World Book Day

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