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Remote Learning

Introduction to Microsoft Teams 


We are excited to let you know that we have decided to change the way we provide our remote learning. It is essential that all children are completing the home learning sent home by the class teachers and we believe this change will offer families more support.

We understand this is a new way of working for some of us  parents and carers at home and teachers in school - but we think the benefits are definitely worth it!

Teams can be accessed through any device - PC, tablet or smart phone. When logged on, children will be able to connect with their teacher and classmates. They will find the learning that has been set as well as instructions for how to complete it. Children may be asked to watch a video, complete an online quiz, or write in their home learning book. They may be redirected to another website, such as Purple Mash, by clicking on a link.  They will have free access to Word, PowerPoint and Excel and will be able to easily upload any completed work or a photo of their work - it won't need to be printed out. Importantly, children can message their teacher if they get stuck and they will know their teacher will see their work when it's been completed.  


All chidlren have login details and you will see a handy guide to get you started below.  You can find out more about Teams on the Microsoft website using the following link:


In the meantime, if you would like further help or clarification, please contact your child's class teacher via the School Office.

Mrs Pyne - ICT Coordinator



Note: your child will need their log-in details to complete the steps below. Their log-ins were included in their learning packs that you would have collected on Friday 8th January 2021.  Please contact the main school office if you do not have the log-in details for your child for Microsoft Teams.  



Smartphones and tablets: download the free Microsoft Teams app


Android devices

iOS devices (iPhones, iPods, and iPads)

  • Open the Play Store app
  • Search for ‘Microsoft Teams’
  • Tap ‘Microsoft Teams’
  • Tap ‘Install’
  • Tap the ‘Teams’ icon to open
  • When prompted, put in your child’s user name and password and you will be taken directly to their ‘team’.
  • Open the App Store app
  • Search for ‘Microsoft Teams’
  • Tap ‘Microsoft Teams’
  • Tap ‘Get’
  • Tap the ‘Teams’ icon to open
  • When prompted, put in your child’s user name and password and you will be taken directly to their ‘team’.




Computers and laptops: download Microsoft Teams

Your child needs to:

Or you can just type in the Google search bar Download Microsoft Teams

  • Click ‘Download Teams’ for desktop
  • Choose run the programme
  • When prompted, put in your child’s user name and password.  If you have more than one child using the device to access Teams, please ensure that they log out after use. 




Alternative ways of accessing Microsoft Teams at Home – PS4 and XBox

Please watch the following video which shows you how to connect to Microsoft Teams through a games console.  Start the video from 1.44 mins to find out how to connect.

There are limitations such as the teacher will not be able to see you.   You will be able to see the teacher if they are online and the teacher will be able to hear your child.  Your child will be able to see if they have any work set through assignments.        From 1.44 mins


It is easier to use a keyboard that can be inserted into the controller or a USB keyboard and mouse which the console should recognise.  If you do not have a keyboard you can just use the controller. 


You might not be able to do everything you can on a tablet, laptop or PC, but you can, at the very least, access Microsoft Teams and see what work the teacher has assigned for you to do and read any posts.